Impact and Monitoring Study on Risk Reduction Measures of the COVID-19 Pandemic on GBV and the Agentivity of Women and Girls in Haiti

Publication | Published at: November 25 2021

This pandemic does not affect all countries in the same way, as they do not all have the same material, immaterial and financial resources, nor the same care infrastructures to welcome the sick. Some countries are more vulnerable than others in terms of health facilities to accommodate infected people. Because of the level of development, cultural and institutional conditions and other differences between them, some countries are more affected than others. In light of these inequalities between countries and their populations, the virus raises both social and political questions.  

The presence of the virus raises one question among many others. It is how the disease affects men and women differently, and how states respond to the challenges posed by the pandemic. These two concerns challenge the actors in Haitian society, including government officials, private operators, and international agencies.