Mission and values


The mission of CECI is to combat poverty, exclusion and inequality. To this end, CECI builds the development capacities of disadvantaged communities. We support gender equality, violence reduction, food security, resilience and adaptation to climate change. We mobilize resources and promote knowledge sharing.

CECI strives for innovation and efficiency. We work on sustainable development strategies by collaborating with strategic partners to carry out programs and projects. Through all of our interventions, our relations with our partners in the South are becoming more egalitarian. Strengthening democratic governance and protecting the environment are systematically incorporated into all of CECI’s programming.

Read our sustainable development policy.

Since it was founded in 1958, CECI has:

  • Mobilized over 12,000 volunteers and employees in Canada and in 30 countries around the world
  • Supported more than 8,000 local partner organizations
  • Changed the lives of over 30 million people


A world without poverty that is egalitarian, inclusive and celebrates diversity.

We are working to create a strong, international CECI that rallies key agents of change in both the South and the North to promote sustainable socio-economic development, reduce poverty, establish egalitarian gender relations and build the security of the most vulnerable populations.

CECI is a leader within an international network of partners combatting poverty, exclusion and inequality.

CECI offers a variety of opportunities for direct cooperation, such as exchange programs, internships, international volunteer work, social and economic development, responsible consumerism, and social, eco-friendly tourism.

CECI is a valued partner of humanitarian organizations specializing in emergency relief. We complement their economic reconstruction and crisis preparedness work.

The art of communication is central to our strategies for social change and to the positions we take, particularly our support for poverty and violence reduction campaigns.

Our mode of governance and our organizational structure are the drivers of our strategic vision and the partnerships we develop. CECI’s employees identify with the organization’s values. They appreciate the rewarding opportunities for professional development offered CECI’s work environment.


As an international organization, CECI’s work is founded on fundamental values that are closely aligned with our convictions:


We believe that all human beings have a common purpose and that together we must face the challenges confronting us. Therefore, we promote sharing between individuals, and we help to build bridges between nations through intercultural interaction and international solidarity. 


We feel strongly about the importance of showing respect for the individuals and peoples with whom we work, and this means respecting differences of all kinds. We reject all forms of harassment or discrimination based on gender, ethnicity or religion. In short, we strive to cultivate the conditions for mutually enriching intercultural relationships.

Read our Code of Conduct and Ethical Rules


We believe that all people are entitled to the same rights and dignity. We work for equality between men and women, both within our own organization and in society at large.

For more information: Read our Policy on Gender Equality, Rights and Diversity

Read our Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, Exploitation and Sexual Abuse


We firmly believe in all of our values, and we are committed to doing everything in our power to remain faithful to them in each of our actions, in order to be able to fully achieve our mission. And that by free choice and by deep conviction.


We take individually and collectively the commitment to remain honest and therefore to always carry out each of our actions in an irreproachable manner, in all respect of our mission and our values, and by not giving in to any form of corruption.

Read our Anty-Corruption and Fraud Prevention Policy