Preventing Gender-Based Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

Publication | Published at: April 09 2020

When a market system is inclusive, marginalized groups are able to access opportunities, skills, and resources. Gaining access is necessary if they are to take advantage of innovations and changes which thereby improve their living conditions and economic status. However, one of the biggest constraints for women entering the work-force and advancing into decision-making positions is the discrimination and gender-based harassment that they encounter every day.

Thus, Uniterra works with a wide variety of partner organizations, including producer groups, private businesses, training centres, financial intermediaries, and women’s and youth groups to raise awareness with both employers and employees. Capacity building and training is offered by skilled Canadian, Southern and National volunteers regarding the realities that women face in the workplace.

A safe, harassment-free workplace benefits not only women who will remain at work, but also the performance of an organisation, as women will be able to fully develop their potential and thereby contribute to the successful growth of organisations.