Promoting Inclusive Governance at the Local Level Nepal, 2021

Publication | Published at: October 18 2021

This document was produced as part of the Sustainable Use of Technology for Public Sector Accountability project (Susasan)

Contexte : The participations of women and marginalised groups (WMGs) is crucial in terms of in citizenstate engagement in order to address their needs in decision making, policies and guidelines. The Susasan project adopted a multi-faceted approach that collaborates with the civil society organisations (CSOs), commonly referred as the demand-side and the local government, usually articulated as the supply side. The project team worked rigorously with the CSOs and the local government to develop Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) policies. The key goals of the policies were to assist in increasing the representation of the marginalised groups, escalating the government responsiveness to their needs and ultimately surging the involvement in exercising their democratic rights.