Information session - Become a volunteer!

Event | January 10 2024 | Canada

By sharing skills and expertise, CECI volunteers work closely with local partners to strengthen women's economic power and increase community resilience to climate change. Come and ask our team and volunteers your questions to find out what volunteering with CECI is all about.

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5 reasons to volunteer with CECI 

  1. Contribute to change and make a significant impact through a human approach to sharing know-how;
  2. Meet new people and build meaningful, transformative relationships with passionate and inspiring collaborators;
  3. Benefit from safe supervision throughout your assignment, as well as financial support to cover your daily expenses;
  4. Be part of CECI's international community, broadening your network and impact on a global scale, while developing your skills internationally. 
  5. Live an exceptional experience that will mark your life!

What is volunteering for CECI?

For us, international volunteering represents a professional and personal commitment through which individuals play a crucial role in enhancing the impact of partner organizations, contributing directly to their deployment and evolution.

Our approach to volunteering is based on exchange, sharing and respect, aimed at encouraging intercultural collaboration. For us, it is imperative that volunteering be synonymous with equal relationships, with all parties involved on both sides identifying and elaborating learning objectives, and sharing the benefits of the process. Volunteering requires critical reflection on international power dynamics.

To become a volunteer, you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, with a permanent address in Canada.
  • Want to live a transformative experience and be sensitive to international issues.
  • Be available for a flexible period of between 4 and 12 months, internationally or totally virtually from Canada;
  • Have a profile corresponding to one of the mandates and be selected by the local partner organization.