A wink from the women of Dakar

News | Published at: August 31 2023

Eight women from Dakar give us a glimpse into their daily lives. They are artists, businesswomen, women of influence, women who struggle in their daily lives.

Women's situation- Advantages and opportunities of being a woman in Dakar. In this video, discover the place that women in Dakar occupy in Senegalese society today. They face challenges, but they also find particular advantages.

Work - Dakar women in the job market: struggles, successes, inspiration. In this video, women from Dakar talk about the importance of being self-sufficient and financially independent. They highlight their career choices and how they overcame obstacles to professional fulfillment.

The environment - Eight women's views on the environment, pollution and the future of the planet. Find out how the women of Dakar are dealing with climate change, and how they see themselves in an uncertain future.

Wellness - The little pleasures of everyday life. They have responsibilities, but they also have time for themselves. In this video, eight women from Dakar share their daily lives, their joys and their hobbies.

International solidarityThe importance of forging links with others. How do Dakar women find their place in the world, and how do they project themselves through others? Discover their answers in this latest video on Dakar women's winks.



Thank you to the generous women who took part in the project! Félicité, Ndeymour, Siny, Ndeye, Amina, Maguette, Kadia and Virginie.

These videos were produced in spring 2023 for the Clin d'oeil des femmes dakaroises project by Dominique Labelle and Justine Delsaut as part of CECI's Volunteer Cooperation Program.