Women Entrepreneurs in solidarity


International Mentorship Program for Women Entrepreneurs

The Women Entrepreneurs in solidarity program is an innovation in international volunteering. Its aim is to better support women entrepreneurs so that they become drivers of wealth and job creation, and especially of innovation and social impact in their community.

This reciprocal mentorship program aims to pair Canadian SMEs with those from Africa/Latin America. Through this initiative, CECI aims to support entrepreneurs who contribute to shaping the economy of their countries by creating sustainable wealth for themselves and for the women they employ and/or collaborate with.

How can you contribute to this program?

You can support the pairing of one or more Canadian entrepreneurs by making a donation. Every contribution matters and will help cover the costs of mentoring and international mobility.

Through your financial support:

  • You position yourself as a company that encourages leading entrepreneurs who shape economic growth in their country in sectors conducive to green growth.
  • You support intercultural exchanges and best practices in terms of inclusion and diversity.
  • You become an ally of CECI: your name or company logo will appear on the impact report and the dedicated webpage of the program on the website.
  • You can display your commitment with CECI in your corporate social responsibility report.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet Canadian and international entrepreneurs who have been sponsored.
  • You directly support women because the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises supported all have predominantly female shareholders, executives, and employees. Moreover, they promote practices that favor gender equity.
  • In the long term, you will contribute to supporting the growth of businesses in the global South that are paired, which will lead to job creation and increased income for women (employees, suppliers, distributors, etc.).

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