Annual campaign - 65 years: Women at the heart of change



This year, CECI celebrates its 65th anniversary under the theme 65 years: Women at the heart of change. 

To date, we have been able to contribute, through our projects, to the transformation and development of numerous communities through :

  • a positive impact on over 30 million people
  • the training of 15,000 volunteers
  • ‚Äčthe collaboration with over 8,000 local organizations

Our transformative actions and projects are made possible by a strong international team and a rich and continuous collaboration with our local partners in the countries where we are present. This sharing is fundamental to achieving lasting change in favor of the full emancipation of women.

Women are at the heart of our projects, in particular to advance their rights and promote girls' education, contribute to strengthening their economic power and encourage their leadership in adapting to climate change.    

Support CECI and women's leadership!