Information session - Become a volunteer!

Event | September 06 2023 | Canada

Thinking of becoming a volunteer?

Come and ask our team and our volunteers your questions to understand what volunteering with CECI in 2023 is all about. This meeting does not commit you to anything, but it will allow you to open your horizons and understand in depth the commitment of volunteering. This session will be conducted in French.

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To find out about volunteering mandates 

Why volunteer for CECI?

  • To benefit from a safe supervision during a human and enriching experience.
  • To share your experience and expertise with communities that need it most. 
  • To work on thoughtful and inspiring projects.
  • To be part of a supportive community that cares about the well-being and equality of the world.

What does volunteering at CECI entail?

  • Your involvement will be determined according to your aspirations and the time you can devote to it. 
  • Whatever your expertise, we have a place for you! Our areas of involvement are numerous (administration, communication, business development, environment, etc.).

To become a volunteer, you must 

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, with a permanent address in Canada.
  • Want to live a transformative experience and be sensitive to international issues.
  • Be available to go abroad for the duration of the mandate: between 2 and 12 months.
  • Have a profile corresponding to one of the mandates and be selected by the local partner organization.
CECI (Centre d'étude et de coopération internationale) is a Montreal-based organization that fights poverty, exclusion and inequality through sustainable development projects in Africa and the Americas. We do this by supporting local initiatives in these regions of the world, especially with the help of thousands of volunteers who contribute to our mission by sharing their time and expertise. 




12 PM