Foto reportaje - Senegal

Publicaciones | Publicado: 01 de julio de 2020

Since 2014, Senegal’s economy has been in a sustained upward trajectory. But not every segment of the population has benefited equally from this growth. Women and young people face social and legal barriers that keep them from accessing stable and rewarding livelihoods. Their limited access to land, water, technology, infrastructure and even credit restricts their capacity to meet their needs and find fulfillment.

At the same time, Senegal’s population is growing younger and urbanizing, trends that affect the structure of the country’s economy. Over the coming decades, hundreds of thousands of youth, women and men, will enter the workforce – a reality that comes with challenges, but also tremendous opportunity for Senegal.

By focusing on entrepreneurship and fields that are promising for youth and women, CECI and its partners helped to ensure that they find their place in the job market and enjoy improved living conditions.

Here are stories that illustrate some of the achievements of the Uniterra Program in Senegal.