CECI-Nepal 2017-2018 Annual Report (en inglés)

Publicaciones | Publicado: September 06 2018

Message from the Country Representative

Dear friends,
It is our pleasure presenting to you CECI Nepal’s Annual Progress Report for the Fiscal Year of 2074-75 B.S. (2017-2018). This report will provide a comprehensive understanding of CECI Nepal’s projects and highlights of notable achievements/impacts we have made in the development sectors. Like in previous years, our ambition for this year was to contribute to achieving the SDGs and the country’s overall development efforts. During this period, we undertook three development projects and two volunteer programs which were focused on governance, livelihood improvement, economic and institutional development, vocational education, and gender and social inclusion. This year CECI’s projects covered 18 districts and reached 55,000 direct and about 264,000 indirect beneficiaries.