Grandes Lagos africanos (EDUFAM)


Since the mid 90s, conflict has been rampant in the African Great Lakes, forcing millions of people to flee their homes, greatly impacting children’s access to education, particularly for women and girls. The project EUDFAM seeks to empower and provide access to education for close to 25,000 girls, adolescents and women in a region that is struggling to rebuild.

The project has three main components:

  • Reducing barriers to education through awareness campaigns on gender equality, favoring the education of girls and granting scholarships and training to women for revenue generating activities. 
  • Adapting programs and learning environments. This component includes putting in place gender inclusive curriculums, safe school environments and job-oriented vocational training for women who are outside of the formal school system. 
  • Strengthen the voices and leadership of women and girls through training of school management structures, such as the committees of parents, on themes such as gender equality (and how it affects education) as well as advocacy activities.  

When we teach a girl or a woman to read and write, we offer her the keys to taking control of her life all while building her self confidence and giving her the ability to break the cycle of poverty! 

More information about the projetc (French only).