Context of Guatemalan women and young women entrepreneurs

Publication | Published at: April 19 2022

Spanish only

The report presents a diagnosis of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Guatemala with reference to the context of Guatemalan women and young entrepreneurs. This document consists of a documentary and field research to highlight the reality of women and young entrepreneurs. It aims to better understand the key actors in the entrepreneurial field by presenting their functions and points of view, according to the services they offer for the development of women entrepreneurs. This report also reveals the different experiences of women entrepreneurs in the country, especially in relation to the context, their current reality, the gaps and opportunities that the Guatemalan entrepreneurial ecosystem offers for their economic development.

The analysis is based on surveys of women and youth entrepreneurs, as well as the actors who provide them with business support services, with a focus on women's entrepreneurial empowerment, economic growth, cultural gaps and economic opportunities. The report presents the main findings and analysis of the instruments developed and implemented with the two target groups.

The report concludes with specific recommendations and possible improvements addressed to key actors in the field of entrepreneurship. 

This document was produced within the framework of CECI's Volunteer Cooperation Program