Annual Report - CECI-Nepal 2020-2021

Publication | Published at: February 14 2022

CECI established its Nepal office on 19 March 1989, and since then, CECI in Nepal has implemented more than 60 development projects that have contributed Nepal to
achieve its development goals for the betterment of the people’s quality of life. CECI works in Nepal in accordance with Nepal’s concurrent policy, guidelines, plan, and priorities.

CECI has leveraged its extensive organizational experience to position itself as a key player in Nepal’s socioeconomic development sector. CECI in Nepal’s programmatic priorities include livelihood, economic empowerment, particularly targeting women and marginalized groups, governance and social accountability. CECI in Nepal has worked with over 1000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs) and private sector organizations to enhance their
institutional capacity for more effective and efficient program implementation. Over a 32-year period, CECI has received funds from bilateral and multilateral donors to support implementation of projects in Nepal’s diverse development sector.

CECI in Nepal also mobilizes skilled international and national volunteers with financial support from the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada and the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Volunteers support  governmental and local non-governmental organizations to strengthen institutional capacity and contribute to Nepal’s socioeconomic development.