QWB is recruiting !

News | Published at: September 05 2019

Québec Without Borders ir more than just an international solidarity initiation program - it is a unique life experience

Each year, the Uniterra program proudly participates in the Québec Without Borders (QWB) program and offers young Quebecers ages 18 – 35 the chance to take part in international solidarity initiation group internships in a countries in Africa and Latin America.

Seize this great opportunity be a part of international solidarity and gain experience with a group of young people who share your interests!

The Uniterra program’s QWB internships last 75 days and take place during the summer (May to August). However, your QWB adventure begins the moment you are accepted into the program and will last an entire year! Don’t miss the enrolment period, which lasts from June to September!

Four types of internships are offered:

  • General: A 75-day internship and first experience, with no prior training or professional experience required.
  • Specialized: A 75-day initiation internship with a group that shares your profile or interests.
  • Guidance: Become a group leader and take charge of a General or Specialized internship.
  • ICO: A 28-week paid internship (28 hours per week) with a Québec-based international cooperation organization. For former QWB participants.

To be eligible for a QWB internship, you must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 (upon arrival in the country of assignment) and 35 (at the time of the internship deadline).
  • Have had a permanent home address in Québec for at least the last year.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Not have participated in a similar internship in the past six weeks (for General internships).
  • Meet the particular internship requirements (for Specialized internships).
  • Have already traveled to the country or sub-region where the internship will take place (for the Guidance component).
  • Have experience in group management (for the Guidance component).

The Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) finances and coordinates the Québec Without Borders program in cooperation with the Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI). The program creates solid partnerships and builds long-lasting ties between the North and the South. To learn more about Québec Without Borders, go to www.quebecsansfrontieres.com.

Three internships available for Summer 2020 (in French)

Sénégal - Femmes et entrepreneuriat : Les métiers non-traditionnels au service d'un développement économique durable

Organisez des formations sur l’entrepreneuriat pour les jeunes femmes et appuyez-les dans la sensibilisation de la communauté afin de faciliter leur accès à la pratique des métiers non-traditionnellement féminins.

Bolivie - Artisanat : Entre traditions et relève ! 

Rendez visite aux artisan-e-s pour vous familiariser avec les techniques de production et développez une stratégie de communication afin de valoriser la richesse culturelle autochtone bolivienne auprès des jeunes de La Paz.

Sénégal - Jeunes entrepreneurs : La force du développement régional !

Organisez des formations sur l’entrepreneuriat pour les jeunes entrepreneur-e-s et appuyez-les dans la recherche de nouveaux partenaires commerciaux.