Policy on Equality Between Women and Men, Rights and Diversity

Publication | Published at: December 04 2018

The statistics on poverty and exclusion among women and girls are telling, and continue to reveal profound inequalities. We cannot ignore this. We at CECI, say no to the status quo.

We must recognize that, despite major progress that has been made throughout the world, gender equality remains a challenge. This is why promoting women’s and girls’ rights has always been a priority for CECI, in keeping with our stated mission and values, which are rooted in the fundamental principles of equality and equity between women and men. We promote a vision of relationships that are founded on equity, cooperation, respect, commitment, and integrity to build a world where equality, rights and diversity reign. 

In 2018, our Policy on Gender Equality, Rights and Diversity was updated to align with our deeply held convictions. The policy acknowledges that many variables can add complexity to the discrimination that women and girls experience, particularly as concerns ethnocultural background, social class, caste, age, physical or intellectual disability, sexual identity or orientation, or any other factor of inequality.

It is directly aligned with the new Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy and consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal 5, which aims to “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.”

With this policy, CECI and its staff, volunteers and partners commit to mobilizing institutionally to promote equality between women and men. In our programs and organization, we specify concrete implementation and monitoring measures to support the rights of women and girls, recognize their role as agents of social change, and empower them to act, with consideration for the range of conditions they face.

CECI’s Institutional Gender Equality Committee and specialized gender equality staff, in Canada and other countries of operation, are supporting the implementation of our policy through training sessions, technical support and results evaluation.

At CECI, it is each individual’s responsibility to take action and incorporate the underlying principles of equality and equity set out in this policy into our programs, projects, and day-to-day management, and to promote these principles and stay vigilant against potential setbacks.

CECI’s Board of Directors commits to overseeing the policy’s application and follow-up, and will monitor the organization’s performance in this respect.