Photo documentary - Guatemala

Publication | Published at: July 01 2020

Guatemala is a Central American country with a highly contrasting economy and where socio-economic inequalities are closely linked to ethnicity, gender identity and geographical location. The indigenous population has lower incomes, less health coverage, less access to university and less political representation. In the case of women, the situation is similar, with the addition of gender-based violence, which is systemic in nature and is expressed in all areas of social life.

Despite these harsh conditions, Guatemala is strategically located, with abundant natural resources and a young multiethnic population, with enormous potential to generate growth and prosperity. These conditions have allowed CECI, through the Uniterra Program and working with partners, to implement actions aiming to remove the barriers that women and youth face in the coffee, cardamom and recyclable materials sectors.

Here are stories that illustrate some of the achievements of the Uniterra Program in Guatemala.