Meeting volunteers - The new CECI's Podcast

News | Published at: September 13 2023

We are delighted to present CECI's newest podcast: Meeting volunteers. This podacast is a project created by and for CECI volunteers. Discover the experiences of CECI volunteers as well as the issues related to gender equality in international development. For the launch, we are offering two episodes:

Episode 1 - Volunteering at a distance during your studies

Episode in French conceived and hosted by three volunteers, Ariane, Kenta and Nadia from CECI's Volunteer Cooperation Program - Academic Component. In this first episode, these volunteers share their experiences and discuss volunteer cooperation at a distance. They open up about their experiences as volunteers in local organizations in Benin and Senegal.

Episode 2 - For a sustainable impact of volunteer cooperation

Episode in English designed and hosted by Cindy and Jennifer, volunteers in Guatemala for CECI's Volunteer Cooperation Program. They discuss and explore the personal and professional journey of their guest Wendy de Leon, a volunteer in Guatemala in project monitoring and evaluation, who will specifically address the privileged relationship between volunteers and local partners. It is thanks to inspiring people like Wendy that the work of volunteers has a real and lasting impact over time.

Episode 3 - Equality and Solidarity in Bolivia

Cindy and Jennifer discuss and explore Samantha's fascinating journey, her commitment to the fight for women's rights and social inclusion, and her experiences, both personal and professional, that led her to the adventure of volunteer cooperation.

Episode 4 - When the Volunteer Experience Rhymes with Mayan Cosmovision 

Episode in English designed and hosted by Cindy and Jennifer, volunteers in Guatemala for CECI's Volunteer Cooperation Program. In this episode, discover with Cindy and Jennifer the journey of Anaëlle Derval, gender advisor for the NQSF component. A social worker by training, Anaëlle specializes in gender equality and has had unforgettable experiences during her stay in Guatemala.

Episode 5 - Local innovation and resilience to climate change

Episode in Spanish featuring the exciting journey of Juan Saloj Pos, an agricultural engineer with expertise in climate change resilience and a national volunteer with CECI. He has accompanied women to position themselves as agents of change in their communities.Juan is also the recipient of CECI's Rosario Demers Award, which celebrates the contributions of volunteers and highlights their exceptional work.

Episode 6 - From fork to fork

From fork to fork, that's Emilie Lo Thiandoum's motto. With these words, the President of POPAS - Plateforme des Organisations Professionnelles de l'Agroalimentaire du Sénégal - sets out her vision for the future of the country and the empowerment of women. According to Emilie Lo, women are a crucial economic driver in the agri-food sector. Our volunteer Cathy Senay met her in Dakar, in front of the stoves of Gie Siggil Traiteur, a member of the Association des Artisans et Professionnels de l'Alimentation du Sénégal (AAPAS) and one of POPAS' partners, CECI Sénégal. Episode designed and hosted by Cathy Senay, CECI-Senegal volunteer.

Episode 7 - An empty gourd doesn't attract a goat

Aïssatou Diagne Deme has it on good authority that 'an empty gourd doesn't attract a goat'. As you may have gathered, Mrs Deme has a head for business. The septuagenarian is now seeing her company, Free Work Services, evolve from a rather small-scale production to automated manufacturing. She is president of ATCL (Association des Transformateurs de Céréales Locales), one of the networks of POPAS (Plateforme des Organisations Professionnelles de l'Agroalimentaire du Sénégal). 

CECI Senegal is one of POPAS's partners. Ms. Deme hopes to hand over this responsibility to the new generation who will have to meet the challenges of the agri-food industry. Our volunteer Cathy Senay met her. Episode conceived and hosted by Cathy Senay, CECI-Senegal volunteer

Episode 8 - A volunteer experience in Bolivia

In this Spanish-language episode, Cecilia Meriles, a national volunteer in Bolivia as a Local Development and Communications Advisor, talks to Lydia Biron. Lydia, a Canadian volunteer as a Management and Innovation Advisor, shares with us her motivations for embarking on the adventure of international cooperation, as well as her personal and professional fulfillment through this experience.Discover international cooperation as an opportunity to contribute, learn and grow.

Episode 9 - Attracting Senegalese by the belly!

Valérie Quenum Ndiaye, Fatou Meïssa Dia Sow and her daughter Aïda are on a mission to convince the Senegalese to eat local produce. The challenge is enormous. They work tirelessly to improve the quality of their food. Our volunteer Cathy Senay met the women at their respective workplaces on the outskirts of Dakar. This episode concludes Cathy's overview of POPAS, a project in which CECI-Senegal is a partner.

Episode 10 - International solidarity, a long term commitment 

Cindy and Jennifer have a conversation with Arnaud, Project Manager - Women's Entrepreneurship Development, based in Guatemala. Learn about his exciting journey and his long-standing commitment to international solidarity.

Episode 11 - Temporary work in Canada and sustainable development in Guatemala

In this episode, our volunteer Lise Poisblaud meets Estafania Pineda, one of the 4 founders of the Guatemalan recruitment agency ComuGuate. Guided by the human values of development and empowerment of the Guatemalan population, the organization recruits workers to work in Canada for up to 24 consecutive months. For the most part, these workers come from remote communities with a low standard of living. Through the creation of ComuGuate, the 4 women founders wish to strengthen and develop the economic power of the Guatemalan population. ComuGuate intends to continue its collaboration with CECI, and to work more closely on financial literacy for the women who remain in Guatemala, and access to education for their children.

To discover the podcast

This CECI podcast is produced within the framework of CECI's Volunteer Cooperation Program funded by the Government of Canada. We would like to thank our collaborator for the recording of our podcast: CISM FM