Libertad Benito, committed to women in Guatemala, won the 2018 Women in Action Award!

News | Published at: January 23 2018

During the 2018 International Forum in Ottawa, we were honored and proud to reward Libertad Benito, an exceptional volunteer!

CECI places the principle of equity in human relations at the centre of its vision and action. We believe in human dignity and equality before the law, and we work to
establish equality between women and men both in society and within our organization as well. Our approach, which includes work with men, places a priority
on increasing women’s individual and collective expertise.

We decided to award the Women in Action Award to Libertad Benito, who stands out for her incredible work to improve the living conditions and status of women in

Libertad now holds a mandate as a gender equality advisor. Everyone agrees that Libertad is a volunteer who is deeply committed to the equality between women and men. She is selfless, and she works with passion and uses her human skills to serve others. She has shown and continues to show a great involvement in each of the actions that she performs.

We particularly emphasize her contribution to the Uniterra program, CECI and WUSC’s international cooperation program. Her role has been crucial in reinforcing
the application of the gender equality policy within the Latin American team of which she is a member. She is always available and involved. She is a major reference point regarding inclusion and equality between women and men. Through her simple and adapted speech, she knows how to raise awareness and attract
communities. She is the epitome of accessible feminism, which is not scary!

We would like to thank Libertad for continuously transmitting CECI’s cherished values of cooperation, respect, fairness and commitment.