Inclusive Employment for Women and Youth in the Tourism Sector

Publication | Published at: March 10 2020

The tourism sector is in full expansion around the world and holds the power to generate employment for marginalized women and young people, as well as being a driver for environmentally sustainable economic development. 

Women are often under-represented in the most lucrative positions within the tourism sector, and in some cases are missing entirely. They tend to work in informal accommodations, including operating homestays, guest houses and micro hotels, all which generate family income. In both the formal and informal sectors, young women are most often involved in front desk jobs, cooking positions and housekeeping, all low status, low pay and insecure occupations. Higher status and higher paid positions, whether it be as tour guides or working in management, are often reserved for young men, who in many contexts have the education, confidence and language skills needed to succeed in these customer-facing roles.