In Haiti, Relaunching Activities after the Storm

News | Published at: November 21 2016

On October 4, Hurricane Matthew ripped through the coast of Haiti’s Sud department, leaving devastation in its wake. More than 75% of agriculture was destroyed and recent reports put the number of people in need of assistance at 1.4 million. Matthew displaced some 175,509 people, most of whom are now living in 307 temporary shelters.

CECI launched its emergency relief plan on that fateful day, supplying food, hygiene and water treatment products for around 1,038 families, or 5,000 people, in the hard-to-access communes of Maniche, Camp-Perrin, Beaumont, and Les Cayes, which were devastated in the hurricane.

Food insecurity is likely to worsen in the coming months if agricultural activities are not immediately resumed by mid-November, one of two major planting seasons in Haiti.

Following up on the first emergency operation, CECI will support 12,000 people, of whom 75% are women, through structuring projects to repair homes and relaunch economic activities, with a particular focus on the agricultural sector and women beneficiaries.

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