Gender priorities better integrated within ministries in Burkina Faso

News | Published at: March 06 2023

The Projet d'Appui aux Réformes Institutionnelles et Techniques pour l'Équité (PARITÉ) supports the rights of women and girls in Burkina Faso.

PARITÉ supports the Ministry of National Education and Literacy and Promotion of National Languages (MENAPLN), providing technical support in the integration and monitoring of gender priorities in basic education.

Among others, in the last few months:

  • A study on employment equity was conducted within MENAPLN;
  • Tools adopted to fight against gender exclusion and early marriages have been validated and shared within the structures of the Ministry
  • MENAPLN agents have been trained and sensitized to gender issues and gender-sensitive pedagogy 
  • Writers of mathematics and French textbooks have been trained to develop inclusive pedagogical tools
  • The new educational reforms planned by the Ministry integrate gender sensitivity 

These actions, carried out jointly with the technical staff and the MENAPLN departments concerned, not only allow for better dissemination of the tools and solutions proposed, but also provide a lasting impact beyond the project.

Gender mainstreaming, particularly with the ministries involved, is one of the main focuses of PARITE. The project also aims to improve girls' learning and the sound and efficient management of resources.

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The Support for Institutional and Technical Reforms for Equity in Education (PARITÉ) project is funded by the Government of Canada and implemented by Alinéa and CECI.