Fatou Seck receives the Rosario Demers 2021 Award

News | Published at: December 07 2021

It is with great enthusiasm that the Rosario Demers Award was presented to Ms. Fatou Seck on the occasion of International Volunteer Day 2021. The Rosario Demers Award recognizes a volunteer involved in one of CECI's international cooperation programs who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and who has made a significant contribution to a CECI project.

Ms. Seck has demonstrated exceptional commitment on many levels and a great capacity to adapt in the context of the pandemic. She has completed 9 volunteer mandates in Senegal and Guinea in her lifetime. Today, she continues to support CECI in the Volunteer Cooperation Program as a women's entrepreneurship advisor. Her expertise in the field of women's entrepreneurship is more than considerable and appreciated.

CECI-Senegal Director Mouhamadou Leye describes Ms. Seck as "a very committed and courteous person. She does not hesitate to contribute or share all her know-how and experience for the benefit of others. Simple and serene, she is very open and dedicated to a job well done.

Her contribution to CECI, her ability to promote the various partner organizations, and her experience in participatory and inclusive training are elements that the jury greatly appreciated in her candidacy. 

The award ceremony was held as part of the celebration of CECI's International Volunteer Day on December 3, 2021. This event brought together more than 40 guests, including volunteers participating in the Volunteer Cooperation Program (VCP), former Uniterra volunteers, CECI team members and partners in the countries of assignment. Special thanks to two members of CECI's Board of Directors and former Uniterra volunteers, Catherine Douville and Daniel Caramori, for hosting this event!

CECI presents this award every year in the name of Mr. Rosario Demers, who passed away in 2015. A humanist, intellectual and visionary, Mr. Demers left CECI a legacy of solidarity and altruism. His commitment and his conception of volunteerism and training have become models of volunteer support. He has led a whole series of actions, projects and teaching programs. He has been present at CECI since its creation. Finally, he has contributed to the training of volunteers and the public for more than 20 years on intercultural relations and how to approach work abroad.