CECI's 2020-2021 Annual Report is now available!

News | Published at: November 16 2021

CECI's 2020-2021 Annual Report is now available!

In  2020-2021, our new strategic framework was launched, with an emphasis on finding innovative solutions to help ensure that the most disadvantaged and marginalized groups are included in sustainable development, in particular, to strengthen women's economic empowerment, support the role of women in adapting to climate change and build the resilience of communities in crisis situations. CECI also continues to support scaling up of innovative approaches that have proven effective, with the objective of more inclusive development.

We invite you to read this report to find out how, during this exceptional year, we were able to support efforts to identify and scale up innovative solutions to build the capacity of women and girls to exercise their rights and secure gainful employment; facilitate women’s full participation in the agricultural sector and climate change adaptation; and support the resilience of vulnerable communities in dealing with prolonged crises. We would like to thank our teams, partners and volunteers around the world who found ways to overcome uncertain and changing conditions to fulfil our mission while concentrating on ensuring the security of communities. We are also very grateful to CECI’s donors and our financial partners for their trust and contributions.

Check out the report to browse the different regions of the world where we work and learn more about the achievements of CECI's partners and teams over the past year.

To read the annual report

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