Resilient Women and Agriculture (Project FAR)


In Senegal, as in several West African countries, the impacts of climate change considerably increase the vulnerability of rural populations. Agricultural producers are facing difficulties accessing resources, equipment and credit.  

The project FAR (Resilient Women and Agriculture) seeks to improve the well being and resilience of agricultural households in the face of adverse climatic conditions such as rising temperatures, soil erosion and scarce rainfall in the south of Senegal. The project particularly focuses on the empowerment of women and young people. 

Over 4,000 producers and 4 agricultural organizations will benefit from this project. The sectors targeted include the rize and banana sectors as well as market gardening where women and young people are present. The project facilitates access to reliable climate information in order to adapt agricultural practices to the impacts of climate change. 

Among the activities planned for the FAR project, we also find: 

  • A training program in female entrepreneurship;
  • Access to financial services in response to the needs and situations of women;
  • An awareness program, using the Positive Masculinities Approach, for men and young men;
  • Strengthening community organizations/networks. 

Your donations will breath new life into the fertile lands of the south of Senegal through the use of sustainable agriculture methods. They will also facilitate the empowerment of women and advance gender equality.