Mali - Armande Bégin and Yves Pétillon Fund


The Armande Bégin and Yves Pétillon Fund for Women in Mali supports initiatives of Malian women’s associations aimed at improving their economic situation as well as their health and that of their children.

Since the creation of the Fund in 2011, hundreds of women have benefited from microcredit loans, enabling them to increase their income-generating activities (agricultural production, transformation and sale of agricultural products, manufacture and sale of handicrafts) and receive management training. 

Thousands of women have also benefited from nutritious meals and hygiene kits after childbirth, as well as advice on nutrition and the health of their children. Prenatal consultations have increased significantly within community health associations.

The Fund was set up in memory of Armande Bégin, who died in 2011. Through her entire life, Armande Bégin was involved in community health projects, notably in Mali, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Peru, Haiti and Quebec. As a CECI volunteer in Mali from 2006 to 2010, Armande contributed to the establishment and promotion of Committees of Women Users of community health center services.

Visit the Facebook page of the Armande Bégin Fund to find more information regarding its projects.


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