CECI's annual campaign: Together let's fight for resilience and adaptation to climate change


Your donations to CECI help change the lives of thousands of women, men and children in over 20 countries around the world! Your donations contribute to the search for innovative solutions to promote the inclusion of the poorest and most marginalized groups in sustainable development, to strengthen women's economic power, to support women's role in adapting to climate change, and to foster community resilience in the context of crisis, whether following a disaster, a pandemic, or an armed conflict. 

During the year, CECI implemented 38 projects, 21 of which proposed adaptation measures to COVID-19. All of our efforts helped limit the effects of the pandemic in the communities we work with. Activities to build resilience to climate change were also conducted with 31,973 women, 6,701 young women, 49,007 men and 44,894 young men.   

It is to make an impact in vulnerable communities that you will want to contribute to our campaign today.

Together, let's fight against poverty, exclusion and inequality!