Benin - Supporting Women Entrepreneurship in the Rice Industry


The goal of this project is to increase the economic power of women by transforming their artisanal methods of production and management into more efficient techniques that meet higher quality standards. Women rice parboilers and producers will build their self-confidence and take their rightful place in the rice sector.  

  Your support is important!  It enables the following concrete action to  be taken, aimed at supporting women and increasing their economic power:

  • The construction of rice processing centers in each of the six targeted communes. This new infrastructure will lighten the work of women by reducing their travel time to the centers and eliminating prolonged absences from their homes. These centers will also enable them to improve the quantity and quality of the rice produced;
  • literacy centers for women to learn French, the business language in Benin. This new skill will allow rice producers and parboilers to negotiate with market players, including financial institutions so they can eventually access credit;
  • training in administration, management, governance, sustainable farming techniques, machinery maintenance, etc. These training sessions will allow women to strengthen their skills, gain confidence and establish their credibility in the rice industry;
  • the drilling of wells in each commune and the installation of irrigation systems operated by solar energy pumps. These installations, together with crop-rotation, will make it possible to cultivate a plot of land year-round, strengthen community food security and increase the women’s income.  

The success of CECI’s work together with its local partners, will be made possible thanks to your support.

More information about the project.