Hurricane ETA - Guatemala - Emergency Response Fund


At the beginning of November Guatemala was heavily hit by the passing of the storm ETA, one of the strongest to date of 2020.

Flooding and landslides have blocked several roads and made travel next to impossible. The mudslides buried homes and entire families, causing the death of over 100 people and displacing thousands of others, primarily in indigenous villages in the North-West of the country. Other families and communities have lost their livelihoods, particularly farmers who have lost entire harvests, greatly increasing their vulnerability. 
The needs are enormous: basic food staples, personal hygiene items, shelter, livelihood recovery projects for those who’ve lost their sources of income, and all of this during an unprecedented global pandemic. 

We are following the evolution of the situation, especially in the Alta Verapaz department, one of the areas where CECI-Guatemala is working and also one of the most affected regions. 

CECI is launching a fundraising appeal to support vulnerable communities impacted by the storm ETA and the global pandemic. 

Donate today in support of our Guatemala Emergency Response Fund! 


CECI calls for your solidarity in support of the Haitian people, who were hit hard by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the southwestern part of Haiti on Saturday morning, August 14, 2021.

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