COVID-19 Emergency Fund


We are living an unprecedented health crisis.The extensive social and economic consequences will be even greater in communities that are already living in difficult conditions, and will in particular effect women and girls. With this increase in  vulnerability, they will need extraordinary support to get through this crisis and back on their feet. 

In our experience, women face increased gender based violence during a humanitarian crisis. In the context of the global pandemic and the confinement measures an increase in domestic violence, in particular, is to be feared.  

It will take enormous amounts of resources to respond to this humanitarian crisis. CECI is ready to use its expertise and vast network to support efforts to limit the spread of the virus, mitigate the risks of gender based violence and facilitate livelihood recovery for women, girls and marginalized populations. 

Support our efforts in this particularly trying context as we look to offer a promising future for women, girls and marginalized populations. 


CECI calls for your solidarity in support of the Haitian people, who were hit hard by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the southwestern part of Haiti on Saturday morning, August 14, 2021.

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