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CECI-Senegal was established in 1984 and works to strengthen the organizational and institutional capacities of civil society, sustainable economic development in rural areas, food security and gender equality. There have been significant developments in the shea and rice industries, and the environment has been a central theme in our promotion of good practices for improved preservation of soil fertility, proper management of pesticides and fertilizers and preservation of water resources.

CECI-Senegal has coordinated our organization’s collaborative regional work, particularly in the areas of governance and gender equality, with authorities such as the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Documents and news

Publication | August 05 2022

CECI en parle - CECI-Senegal's radio program (French only)

CECI en parle is a series of radio programs produced by CECI-Senegal. Addressing various themes related to gender equality and volunteer cooperation, this program is broadcast on local community radio stations. 

Publication | November 10 2021

VLF-Senegal Project in Brief - October 2021

Publication | October 28 2021

Newsletter, CECI-Senegal, July 2021

Volume 1. Number 2, July 2021

Publication | October 28 2021

Newsletter, CECI-Senegal, May 2021

First issue of the CECI-Senegal newsletter

News | October 14 2021

International Day of Rural Women : Meeting with Dado Baldé, head of the Resilient women and agriculture project in Senegal

On the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women, celebrated on October 15, Dado Baldé offers us a glimpse into the reality of these women of Casamance, whose strength and determination she praises. She also talks about the stakes of this five-year project which aims to make women, who are today the first victims of the impacts of climate change, key players in the sustainable changes of tomorrow.

News | September 24 2021

Opinion Letter: Improving the rights of women and girls for lasting peace - International Day of Peace

Humanity has always experienced conflicts related to social, economic and political inequalities leading countries into endless cycles of violence. For this reason, States have always looked and continue to look for solutions to eradicate or reduce the violence that weakens and saps economic growth and social cohesion in many countries. Concerned about the negative impacts of this violence, States come together around programs to take steps to create peace and security in the world and thereby protect women and girls, who are the most vulnerable.

News | September 22 2021

Senegal - Local elections next January, CECI takes up the fight for women

The Centre of International Cooperation and Studies (CECI) has set up an important program to provide funding, support and advice to women to maximize their numbers as local community leaders during the January elections.

News | July 20 2021

Focusing on agricultural development in southern Senegal

Publication | July 12 2021

News | June 09 2021

Volunteer Portrait: Fatou Seck, female entrepreneurship advisor in Senegal

Publication | November 03 2020


Publication | July 01 2020

Photo documentary - Senegal

Publication | April 24 2020

Quarterly newsletter, March 2020 - WVL Senegal (in French)

Publication | April 22 2020

Press release - CECI Senegal COVID 19 Crisis : Beyond the public health response (in French)

News | June 19 2019

“Women’s Voice and Leadership” Project Launch in Senegal

News | January 08 2019

“Women’s Voice and Leadership”: A new project implemented by CECI in Senegal

News | November 02 2018

The Uniterra Program at IVCO Montreal 2018, for the Inclusion of Women and Youth

News | October 14 2018

CECI: 60 Years of Equality, Justice and Empowerment

News | July 01 2018

WUSC and CECI, Proud of Our Volunteers!

News | September 01 2017

Host family wanted for a trainee from Senegal! (in french)

News | February 01 2017

Portrait of Mouhamadou Leyé (in french only)

News | February 26 2015

Portrait of a young volunteer: Papis Bakary Coly

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