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Human Security and Emergency Response

This year, 211 million people around the globe fell victim to natural disasters – a situation that demands our action.

In the last two decades, CECI has frequently been called on to implement humanitarian aid operations in order to help populations dealing with natural disasters or human conflicts in countries of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, or the Americas.

CECI responds to disasters caused by hurricanes, typhoons, storms, earthquakes, and conflicts.

We undertake:

  • emergency campaigns
  • reconstruction projects
  • community security and reconciliation initiatives

We also assist communities with climate-change-related risk prevention and reduction programs.

In addition to its operations related to natural disaster and human conflict, CECI implements violence prevention projects in several countries, particularly in the Americas.

In all of its actions, CECI places upmost importance on security for women and girls, especially those affected by violence and who are vulnerable when natural disasters and conflicts occur.

Volunteers participate whenever needed in CECI’s human security and emergency response actions.