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Special reports, thematic fact sheets, brochures, handbooks, and more: look here for a gold mine of information on CECI’s activities and on development issues.

July 2014
> Practice of Social Accountability for Development Outcomes: Experiences of PRAN Action Learning Grants in Nepal
November 2013
> For equal rights between women and men: 15 ECOWAS countries join hands to meet the challenge!
October 2013
> Women's Economic Empowerment: A Case Study on the shea-butter and rice parboiling subsectors in Burkina Faso
September 2013
> FPA's Newsletter - Senegal
July 2013
> CECI NEPAL Newsletter
June 2013
> Listing of Turistic Resources in Northern Haiti
July 2012
> PREVIMU Project Newsletter
June 2012
> PDLH's capitalization report
February 2012
> Support to Local Governance in Rwanda
December 2011
> CECI Guatemala's leaflet
December 2011
> Gender Equality in Mali
October 2011
> PRAN Brochures
February 2009
> CECI in the Shea Butter Subsector
May 2008
> Shea Butter: Good for you, good for them
March 1992
> Policy on Equality between Men and Women