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For CECI, financial transparency is a fundamental principle of management; we are at all times in a position to account for the use of the monies entrusted to us.

Annual reports are available under the following links:

2015-2016 Annual Report 2015-2016 Financial Statements 
2014-2015 Annual Report2014-2015 Financial Statements 
2013-2014 Annual Report2013-2014 Financial Statements
2012-2013 Annual Report / Financial Statements
2011-2012 Annual Report / Financial Statements
2010-2011 Annual Report online / short version of the Annual Report / Financial Statements
2009-2010 Annual Report online
2008-2009 Annual Report
2007–2008 Annual Report
2006–2007 Annual Report
2005–2006 Annual Report
2004–2005 Annual Report
2003–2004 Annual Report / Financial Statements
2002–2003 Annual Report
2001–2002 Annual Report 
2000–2001 Annual Report

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For a printed copy of this report, please contact CECI’s Publication Services by email > publication@ceci.ca or by telephone at 514-875-9911.