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The Uniterra program is 600 volunteers, 200 local partners and more than 50 Canadian businesses and organizations who make lasting commitments every year.

Uniterra: a modern international cooperation program

Uniterra, one of Canada’s largest international volunteer programs, was set up as a joint initiative of CECI and World University Service of Canada (WUSC) in 14 countries on three continents:

  • Africa: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, Mali, Senegal and Tanzania
  • Americas: Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti and Peru
  • Asia: Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam

The purpose of the Uniterra program is to change people's lives by stimulating growth and fostering access for marginalized people to the benefits of growing markets. WUSC and CECI strongly believe that women and youth are the driving force behind inclusive economic development. Canadians can play an important role in supporting them in their fight against poverty. 

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Uniterra builds the capacities of partner organizations in developing countries so that they are better able to carry out their social and economic development initiatives. The program promotes multidirectional exchanges of expertise, knowledge, and know-how among Northern and Southern partners. For example, our Canadian partners host volunteers in Canada for training programs or internships and send volunteers to participate in capacity building activities.

Areas of volunteer involvement

Uniterra volunteers play a tangible, hands-on role in poverty reduction work. Their mandates, determined by the local organizations, range from a few weeks to two years in length. 

Volunteers build the capacities of local actors and work to improve the economic and social well-being of poor and marginalized people. Through this unique international work experience, volunteers expand their professional and personal skills.

Want to share your expertise? Work to overcome poverty? Participate in a worldwide solidarity movement? Uniterra needs you!

To become a volunteer, visit the Uniterra program recruitment site.


“My volunteer cooperation experience was a watershed in my personal and professional life. It gave me an opportunity to tell people about another face of Africa, and heightened my desire to be involved in my own community.”
Chantal Havard, former volunteer in Burkina Faso and Vice-Chair, Membership on the Board of Directors of CECI

“In 1989, CECI gave my spouse and I the opportunity to expand our horizons by working as volunteer cooperants in Central Africa. This experience, like the ones CECI has offered to thousands of other Quebecers, was like a journey to another planet. But more pointedly, it was a springboard into the diverse and rewarding world of international development.”
Robert Beaudry, former volunteer in Burundi